Yahoo Hack – Things you need to know

Today Yahoo announced a second breach discovered, dating back to 2013. It affects over 1 billion… you read that right, billion accounts. If you have a Yahoo account, your personal information most likely was included in that. While Yahoo has not said exactly what was taken, you can assume any information within your emails or account are exposed. There are a few ways to mitigate your exposure and ensure your other accounts are safe.

How to protect yourself

  • Attempt to log into your Yahoo account, take note of the password you used. You will be required to change your password upon login.
  • Take note of any recovery emails listed in your Yahoo account, log into that email and change the password as well.
  • Change your password and main email (if Yahoo is the main) at all financial websites.
  • Review your other logins and ensure you have a complex password, you don’t reuse passwords for important websites, and that Yahoo is not the email associated with the accounts

Cyber attacks like these can catch you off-guard if you’re not prepared. At least once a year, go through your online accounts and make sure your recovery emails and information is correct. This will ensure you’re better prepared for the next hack.

It can also be unnerving not knowing if you’ve been part of a hack. There are services available online to check if any of your accounts have been part of a hack..HaveIBeenPwned┬áis one of the most reputable sites to verify if your account has been involved in a hack. Simply enter your email address and they will show you a list of breaches (if any) that you’ve been part of. Use this information to reset passwords and further secure breached accounts.

If you are concerned you are not prepared for the next attack, contact us and we’ll help you understand the best practices and audit your accounts with you to keep you safe.


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