WannaCry Ransomware? Here’s how you can Act Fast to stop it!

As you’ve read in the news, a new “ransomware” virus called WannaCry is spreading across the internet like wildfire. It is able to infect most computers across the internet, and we wanted to provide you with the information you need to be able to protect yourself. You must update today in order to protect yourself from the virus. Follow these instructions right away.

Step 1: Install This Windows Patch
Windows 7: 64 Bit Patch  32 Bit Patch
Windows 8: 64 Bit Patch
Windows 10: 64 Bit Patch  32 Bit Patch

We recommend calling for Server Operating Patch Instructions.

(The patch may have already been applied automatically and will y report that the patch is not intended for this operating system.

Step 2:
Get a vulnerability scan and check your network to see if you’re vulnerable to the attacks. We can help with this is you’re not comfortable doing it yourself.

Step 3:
Get a regular backup procedure in place and a top-rated AntiVirus. We offer Offsite backup services and Business Class Anti-Virus software.


Call us at 941-201-1234 for assistance with this. And please share this post to get the word out.

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