Cyber Monday: Your battlefield guide

Congrats! You’ve decided on not wasting your Thanksgiving waiting for in-store specials that you could easily get online. We have your arsenal of tools to maximize your Cyber Monday savings and staying safe at the same time!

Be warned, a lot of stores are starting Cyber Monday… on Sunday.

Amazon undoubtedly will have some of the best deals this year, but the whole selection could be very overwhelming. Let me introduce you to CamelCamelCamel (No.. I’m not busting your hump) You can enter your desired item or make a wishlist of items you want and it will alert you when they become on sale, with Amazon’s flash deals this will save endless refreshing the page to find deals. Not only is CamelCamelCamel a website, they have a nifty Chrome extension that allows you to view the cheapest price of an item along with the trends and best time to purchase. Get the extension here!

How do I know if a website is safe to purchase from?

It’s always difficult to trust your personal details to a faceless website. Tons of websites pop up to take advantage of consumers during the holidays, but how can you distinguish between the good and the bad? Sometimes, the answer is simple “Google”. Take a few minutes before entering your details to Google the website you’re on. A search query of “ scams” or “ reviews” will provide a quick overview of the Internet’s opinion of the website. Be sure to read the reviews as some people erroneously leave negative reviews because of a personal issue, but those generally stand out.

How can I keep my financial information safe while ordering online?

Using a payment processor like PayPal will greatly reduce the effects of any potential issues, they offer programs like Pay After Delivery that allow you to only send money once you’ve received your item and verified it is exactly what you ordered. They will also go to bat for their customers in the event of a bad shipment or malicious use of credit card details.

Ads are everywhere, isn’t there a place that collects them all?

Let me direct you to, the website attempts to collect and organize all of the Cyber Monday deals in a easy to use interface and even have some coupons along with the already discounted deals.

Stay safe online and have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

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