Secure Cloud Backup

As much as we take them for granted, PCs are incredibly complex, and any number of things can render them useless at any moment. Hard drives crash. Operating systems become corrupted. And then there are more traditional disasters like fires, floods, and earthquakes that can spell the end of your digital media and documents. Of course, the organized among us diligently perform backups at regular intervals, but for the rest of us, an online backup service may be the best way to protect those digital goods.

Online backup services have you install software on you PC that scans your storage for files worthy of backup, encrypt them for security, and send them up to the cloud—that trendy word that just means powerful, secure, and high-storage-capacity server computers attached to the Internet with fast connections. Once your files are stored on those cloud servers, they’re accessible for you to restore to the same PC, should a file go missing. In many cases, the service lets you access your files from Web browsers and mobile devices.

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