Windows 10 Edge: Compatibility Issues

Microsoft Edge Browser, a few steps forward and even more backwards

Windows 10 was a welcomed upgrade from Windows 8 which caused considerable head-aches for everyone alike. That’s not to say Windows 10 doesn’t have it’s own issues, such as their new web browser named “Edge”. Microsoft Edge brings a host of security and usage upgrades while taking several steps backwards in terms of compatibility.

Site X doesn’t work in Microsoft Edge, how do I fix it?

Microsoft Edge doesn’t allow plugins such as Flash or Java to run anymore, probably for the best in terms of security but that also stifles a majority of interactive websites that you may use for work or school. As the technology sector takes notice of these massive security vulnerabilities in frameworks like Flash and Java, this trend of disabling them completely will continue. The hope is that they will be replaced by more secure and optimized versions, however we aren’t quite there yet. There isn’t a way currently (or in the near feature) to force Edge to accept and run these programs, meaning we’ll be forced to use other browsers for our important work.

Let us help you change your default browser so that you can get back to work.

  1. Open the Actions window either by pressing the windows keys + A or clicking the message box in the bottom right of your screen.Step 1, select Action Center
  2. Click on All Settings
  3. Click on System in the top left of the window that opensWindows 10 Settings Page
  4. Scroll to Default Programs on the left side menu and click on it.
  5. At the bottom of the window you’ll see an option to choose your default browser, we recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome (note: Chrome no longer supports Java either)Windows 10 Browser Selection Screen

Now that we’ve assigned a different browser, opening shortcuts or favorites will open in your newly chosen browser and all of your plugins will work again.

More info: Windows 10 Blog Post: Explaining why Edge doesn’t support Flash or Java

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